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UPDATE: Prebooking is no longer required for visiting our museums. Please note that the number of visitors still might be restricted if needed. Bookings already made are valid. In the future prebooking might be needed for guided tours and events.


The internet connection is secure. No username or password is required for searching for information, making a purchase or registration.

Front page

Selected current exhibitions and events are displayed on the front page.


All events on offer can be viewed and browsed at Museum – Articles. You can browse according to museum, article (tickets, guided tours, work-shops, courses, events) or category.

Search events

Search events by using the Search events icon (, category, article).


Add the article of your choice to the basket. If you select a wrong article, remove it from the basket by using the Remove article icon. The Basket icon displays the content of your basket. If the event of your choice is fully booked, you will receive notification in your basket of a possible waiting list.

You can add several articles into your basket before submitting your personal details. If you make a registration or purchase an article for yourself only, add the articles to the basket and fill in your personal details. Complete the transaction with the Send registration icon.

You can also register other people. If you register multiple persons in the same basket, commence by first selecting the articles for one person and fill in the personal details for this person. Then proceed by using the blue Add new participant icon at the bottom of the page. Select the desired articles on the new form that appears on the screen and fill in the personal details of the person you are making the registration for. Once you have registered all the persons you want, complete the registration with the green Send registration icon.

When the possibility for making a registration for several persons simultaneously is available, the same article can be added to the basket many times. An article can be added many times if quantity selection appears when adding an article to the basket. Registration must be made individually when an article can only be added to the basket once.

There can only be one payer for a basket in which several people have been registered. Payer details are always required. An invoice is also only sent to the payer when multiple persons are registered in one basket.

Time limit 

You can keep your articles in your basket for a limited time. Provide your personal details before the time limit expires. The time remaining is displayed in the basket icon.

Personal details

Finally provide your personal details. Registration is always made with the participants personal details. As the confirmation is sent to your email, please make sure you have provided your email address correctly. Information of any changes is also sent by email.

Invoicing details

Invoicing details are provided only if the payer is the guardian of a minor or a business. If the payer is a guardian, we need complete personal details with social security number. A business needs to provide us with the business identity code (y-tunnus).


A confirmation will appear on your screen and be sent to your email. If you do not have email, print the last page or otherwise save the information. If you did not receive a confirmation email despite providing an address, there might have been an inaccuracy with your email address. Your registration is still valid.

Please note, the confirmation is your ticket to the event, take it along with you and show it at the museum ticket office.


Checking or cancelling your registration

Please check your ticket and registration carefully prior to purchase. You can check your registration details later using your registration number. If an online cancellation is available, you can cancel your registration if the cancellation time has not expired. Tickets and registrations cannot be exchanged, and they are non-refundable.

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